About the Author:

Kathy was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She had always wanted to be a writer. Her desire started as far back as grade school when she wrote a poise and etiquette column for her school newspaper. She went on to win two literary awards in college and had articles published in medical magazines. Teachers and writers throughout her life encouraged her to be a writer; however, she had to have a day job to pay the bills and, until modern day self-publishing, the possibility of having a publishing company or even an agent look at your book was almost nonexistent.

Kathy had a diverse career, the first half in the business world and the second half in the medical field, but her true passion and desire always remained the same: to be a writer. She started a novel and motivational book for adults while working full­time, taking care of a house and yard and trying to have a family and social life.

Kathy is now retired from the medical field and working as a part­-time caregiver and Chairman of the Board for Kathy’s Kidz Korner, a Non Profit Organization. She now has the time necessary to devote to her writing. Instead of focusing on the two books she had already started, Kathy decided to do something that she had wanted to do since the 1980s; she wanted to help special needs children and she knew that she could do that through her writing. Thus, Special Friends with Special Needs came to fruition.

Kathy wanted to write a book for children that would be fun to read, but could also be used as a teaching and developmental tool. She wanted to write a book to give children self­-confidence and self­-worth and teach them kindness and compassion for others. Those values are what this special book is all about, what this organization is all about. She wrote it to reach children and instill in them the values and virtues that they will need to stand strong against all of the issues that they will have to face in the world as they grow older.

Kathy’s main goal is to get the book into children’s hospitals, elementary schools, and churches nationwide and into the hands of every child.