Kathy Charley – Chairman of the Board | Author

I wanted the book to give children self-confidence and self-worth and teach them kindness and compassion for others.  Those values are what this special book is all about. I wrote it to reach children and instill in them the values and virtues that they will need to stand strong against all of the issues that they will have to face in the world as they grow older.

You can reach Kathy at kkrunchies@yahoo.com or #206.459.7015

Dion Cole – Vice Chair | Partnership Development

A proud mother of two young adults, Dion is a Northwest native and a passionate youth advocate.

You can reach Dion at dion@flip8020.com

Morgan Cole – Board Secretary | Public Relations Specialist

Morgan is passionate about our mission and a strong public relations professional. She works with us to spread the word about Kathy’s Kidz Korner.

You can reach Morgan at morgan@presleypublicrelations.com

George Andrews – Web Developer

We are eternally grateful to George Andrews at RoiSEM.com. He designed and implemented our website, video and viral marketing. Without him, none of these things would have been possible. The quality of his work is unsurpassed. He will help on all future endeavors.

You can reach George at george@roisem.com

Emily Heinlen Davis – Editor

After an exhaustive search to find the perfect editor, one who could edit the book and, yet, keep it the author’s work. Emily Heinlen Davis did just that. Her editing is superb. She also formatted and converted the book for online publication. She will be the one to work on all future books and publications. She can be found at emilyheinlen.com.

Claudia Gadotti – Artist

It took a worldwide search to find the artist who could catch the vision and essence of the characters in our first book. She is Claudia Gadotti, in New Zealand at claudiagadottiart.com. She will always have our heartfelt thanks and will be the artist for all future books